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Auspex Fruit Battery Voltaic Pile Experiment Kit

This kit is a very popular school science fair project. It gives you almost all that you need to do the landmark experiment originally done by the great scientist Alessandro Volta!!

Our kits have been utilized by top universities in classroom demonstrations for high school and middle school students.

This kit contains:-

* 5 large zinc electrodes, size 100mm x 20mm

* 5 large copper electrodes, size 100mmx 20mm

* 2 LEDs

* Alligator clips

* 5 feet of hook-up wire

* Bell wire

* Compass

* Felt material

* Plastic bottle

* Sand paper

* Cotton wool

* Instructions, with useful background information for your project

You can use the zinc and copper electrodes to experiment with electro-chemical processes using different fruit juices or other solutions.

You can even construct you own Voltiac Pile, by simply stacking the electrode pairs together! To build only one pair, separate the copper and the zinc electrode using paper towel cut to size, and soak the towel with lemon juice.

To add other pairs, just stack them together, making sure that the copper electrode from the one pair touches the zinc electrode of the adjacent pair.

To attach the lead wires to the electrodes, just cut the wires into the proper lengths, strip the ends to expose the copper wires, tape the stripped wires to the end of the electrode using tin foils, and tie the tin foil to the electrode using rubber bends. It is that simple!

Test the presence of electricity using our special low power Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Tie the positive (longer) leg of the LED to the copper electrode outlet, and the negative (shorter) leg to the zinc electrode. Note that the LED requires a certain voltage before it lights up. So you may have to connect in series three to five pairs of the electrodes to energize the LED. NOTE: You may have seen some instructions from some books about this experiment using an incandescent light bulb. This DOES NOT work !! The amount of electricity generated is generally too limited to light up a regular bulb. The easiest to power is an LCD like a digital watch. The other type of bulb to use is an LED (provided).

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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Auspex Fruit Battery Voltaic Pile Kit AFB100