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High Quality at a Low Price !!!

Total Magnification 640X !!!!

The CLASSROOM BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPE 36XAL is another fine microscope for use in college or school. It is ideal for home-school use.

It offers excellent optical quality, is rugged and yet portable. It is very easy to use. With standard magnification up to 640 times, it opens up a whole new microscopic world to the inquisitive students. It offers the highest magnification for microscopes in its class below $150.00. An unrivaled value package!

Suitable for students from 6 years and up.

The standard features are :-

* 10X Wide Field Eyepiece AND 16X Wide Field Eyepiece

* 3 Achromatic Objectives of 4X, 10X, and 40X, giving magnifications of 40X, 64X, 100X, 160X, 400X and 640X

* 5-position sub-stage disc diaphragm for contrast control

* Comes with the Reflecting Plano/Convex Illumination Mirror

* Illumination Light Source also included

Biological Student Microscope 36XAL 36XALRegular price: $135.99Sale price: $79.99