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Advanced Molecular Model Kit

This is a great molecular kit that can be used not only for demonstrating organic strutures, but also inorganic structures, and also molecular geometry.

This set is recommended for advanced classes, since the particular drilling of holes in the atoms for demonstrating molecular geometry may be confusing if used for organic structures in the lower school grades.

The kit contains 12 carbon (black with 4 holes), 4 nitrogen (blue with 4 holes), 4 phosphorus (gray with 5 holes), 4 sulfur (yellow with 6 holes), 6 oxygen (red with 4 holes), 4 chlorine (green with 1 hole), 2 bromine (orange with 1 hole), 2 iodine (purple with 1 hole), 33 hydrogen (white with 1 hole), 40 wooden pegs, and 10 springs.

For ages 12 and up.

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